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Artichoke and lavender scented facial cream moisturiser

dsf 30 balance activator has a soothing action: it improves skin tone and eases reddening, restores the level of moisture, protects the skin from abrupt temperature changes, dryness and pollution

Specific purifying and normalizing treatment with intensive action for damaged skin balance: first it restores moisture, then it normalizes oily secretions, promoting the elimination of toxins, so as to decongest and clarify the skin. The result is a compact, moisturized, toned, elastic skin with a smooth, luminous matt aspect.


It has soft, creamy texture, purifying fragrance, rebalancing colour.


extract of artichoke leaf*: anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective, detoxifying and bio-activating

extract of lavender*: soothing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, healing, seboregulating and refreshing
extract of mallow*: decongestant and moisturizing
extract of olive-tree leaf*: anti-oxidising
extract of grape leaf*: anti-oxidising and detoxifying
d-pantenol: moisturizing, bio-activating, regenerating
threalose: slows the process of cell degeneration, prevents skin dehydration, maintains health of cell membranes subject to stress
essential oil of rosemary: stimulating, tonic and purifying
essential oil of juniper: astringent, healing, regenerating, stimulating, draining
essential oil of lemon: bactericidal, purifying, tonic and clarifying
essential oil of tea tree: antibacterial, purifying and protective
essential oil of sage: antiseptic and astringent, promotes tissue reconstruction

* from certified organically grown plants