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dsf 15 eye relief sprinkle
althea and marigold

dsf has a soothing action: it improves skin tone and eases reddening, restores the level of moisture, protects the skin from abrupt temperature changes, dryness and pollution

Immediate relief after a sleepless night, a long plane trip or a day in front of the PC: instant treatment, easy to use to attenuate puffiness and circles, decongests and refreshes for a clear, rested gaze

Fragrance free.

extract of root of althea*: moisturizing
extract of marigold*: regenerating, soothing, refreshing
hamamelis water: decongestant
chamomile water: antinflammatory
rosewater: refreshing, tonic and decongestant
extract of mallow*: decongestant and moisturizing
extract of olive-tree leaf*: antioxidizing
extract of grape leaf*: antioxidizing and detoxifying
extract of oat bran: mineralizing and antinflammatory
ceratonia siliqua gum: for a moist, turgid, elastic skin

* from certified organically grown plants
eye contour dermolenitive and restorative mask althea* and marigold*