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dsf 8
office booster
green tea and sweet clover

dsf has a soothing action: it improves skin tone and eases reddening, restores the level of moisture, protects the skin from abrupt temperature changes, dryness and pollution

Immediate well-being, moisturizing and protection: the product should always be on hand, in your bag, to respond to the aggression of urban life. Its light texture, never greasy, makes it ideal for frequent applications during the day, even over makeup, to provide an immediate sensation of freshness, well-being and softness. Can also be blended with foundation to protect and moisturize: the pearly content exalts the complexion.

Light texture gel, destressing aromacological fragrance.

extract of leaves of green tea*: antioxidizing
extract of sweet clover*: decongestant, astringent and antinflammatory
global shield biocomplextm*: protective and bioactivating
extract of mallow*: decongestant and moisturizing
extract of olive-tree leaf*: antioxidizing
extract of grape leaf*: antioxidizing and detoxifying
vegetable water of kiwi: vitaminizing, astringent, refreshing and tonic
extract of althea root: moisturizing
extract of cactus flowers: antinflammatory and moisturizing
extract of bamboo: tonic
extract of hawthorn: astringent and normalizing
hydrolized soy proteins: moisturizing
d-pantenol: moisturizing, bioactivating, regenerating
soy lecithin: antioxidizing and nourishing
vitamin E: antioxidizing and oxygenating
sericin: moisturizing, protective, distensive and regenerating

* from certified organically grown plants
protective moisturising emulgel for the face green tea* and sweet clover*