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3.5 hours of makeup training, where you will be taught to make yourself more beautiful.
There is beauty in every woman, but in order to emphasize it, we need to be able to see which features should be emphasized and how to do it technically!
During the training, participants will be taught how to make themselves more beautiful:
In the first part of the lesson, everyone is taught how to properly make daytime makeup that suits you.
  in part II, you will master modern techniques that make it possible to make yourself especially beautiful and bright with the help of glamorous evening make-up.
All makeup products are provided by a trainer. In addition, all participants can bring training materials and purchase goods locally at a 10% discount off the regular price.
So that none of the participants is deprived of attention, training is carried out in groups of up to 8 people.
Come and bring your girlfriends to learn useful feminine skills that you will be proud of.
 Topics that will be covered during the training:
• Skin care: skin-friendly products, keep skin youthful, correct makeup removal and safe make-up base
• Make-up base: various products and products for the make-up base. The best selection of products that match your skin type and tone, the choice of neutralizers and correctors and the right way to use them
• Blush and powder bronzer: application and blending techniques, location of blush
• Strengths of natural makeup: how to achieve a natural and shiny effect
• Eyebrows: how to use cosmetics to correct eyebrows (pencils, eyebrow shadows, etc.). Eyebrow shape to match the shape of the face
• Emphasizing the eyes: how to make your eyes more beautiful and expressive with the help of eyeshadow and shading techniques
• Liner technique: using pencil, eyeshadow, liquid matte and glitter liner
• Lip shape: correction, features of bright and long-lasting lipsticks, different application techniques, correct use of lip pencil
• Using shimmery powders: what shimmering powders to use and where to use them
Courses are held by Royal Effem Eesti, all necessary materials (cosmetics, products and notes) are provided on the spot
Royal Effem make-up cosmetics are premium Italian cosmetics and Royal Effem products are convenient to use because they look natural and last for a long time. Royal Effem's makeup artists and trainers were trained by world renowned makeup artist Francesco Guerra.