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Make-up training for balldance sports will teach you how to create and maintain a bright and expressive image for competition. During the training you will learn:
- apply a stable base for a face with a special composition and special functions,
- do eye makeup so that your eyes are beautiful and large and emphasize your uniqueness,
- draw trendy eyebrows and outline lips using essential liners.
In addition, they will pick the right style for you, teach you eyelash extensions and false eyelashes.
Technically correct competition makeup instills confidence, because it does not lose its shape and does not "flow" in time and makes you unique.
When you complete the makeup training, you can choose from Royal Effemi, Parisax Professional, Kubo Beauty or Organic Elements for FULL of this amount.
Place accents that will make you unique!
Duration of training is 2-2.5 hours.