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Spring makeup training

Trainings are held at the Royal Effem beauty club in the center of Tallinn. The training consists of theory and practice - 5 modules (parts) + exam. The training is effective as there are only 6-8 people in the group. We are talking about the theory of makeup, different shapes and complexions of the face, the possibilities of makeup to emphasize its natural beauty and hide flaws.

Topics discussed: colors, tools, care, selection and use of tools; face shape, differences and solutions, facial skin care, correct products and methods of application, selection and use of primers and foundations; hiding spots on the skin, tonal foundations for the face (for day and evening makeup, photo makeup); day and evening eye makeup; eyebrow shape, eyebrow correction, false eyelashes and rules for their gluing; blush application technique, lip shape and correction techniques, perfect lips.

If desired, the training participant can bring the products that he uses for home make-up in order to receive recommendations.

All necessary accessories are available locally

Module I. Training on daily makeup. During the training, you will be taught how to do daytime makeup correctly. Choose the right products for your face and daytime makeup. A trainer will help you choose the color palette and techniques that are right for you.

Module II. Photo make-up training. During the training, you are taught to make photo and film make-up. Find out how to look better in photos with makeup 

Module III. Evening makeup training. During the training, you will learn how to choose the right products for evening make-up and face modeling, how to successfully use glittering powder, glitter, eyeliner and reflective powders, how to choose the right lipstick for evening make-up. 

Module IV. Smoky Eyes Makeup Training.

You will learn how to create the effect of "smoky eyes" with two colors, how to select and shade the shadows correctly. In addition, you will learn how to apply eyelashes.

Module V Smoky eyes makeup training using three or four different colors. Also, you will learn how to stick crystals and eyelashes.


Only 5 modules + exam. The cost of training is 250+ PN20%. Tuition can be paid in two installments. 125 + PN20% when booking a place and 125 + PN20% during training. The maximum number of a study group is 8 people.

All products Royal Effem (ITA), Parisax (FRA), Kubo Beauty (ITA) - 20% for the training period and within 1 month after training.