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Individual makeup  training - makeup training for yourself. Learn to make-up, make yourself fresher, prettier and younger by learning a few tricks.
1.5-2 hour make-up training to teach you how to make yourself more beautiful. There is beauty in all women, but in order to bring out that beauty, we need the skills to see what to emphasize and what to hide and how to execute it technically.
During the training, you will receive the daytime or evening makeup training that is right for you but you want.
Training topics:
Skin Care: Skin-friendly products on how to maintain skin youth. Proper make-up removal and safe make-up base products.
Makeup base: Different products and tools to do it. Choosing the best product for your skin type and tone, selecting neutralizers and correctors and using them correctly. To maintain its natural appearance. Selection of make-up creams and powders.
Blush, Modeling & Sun Powder: Application Techniques, Blush Location, Application & Dispersion Technique. Face modeling where appropriate.
Strengths of Natural Makeup: How to achieve a natural and radiant result.
Eyebrows: How to use cosmetics to correct eyebrows (pencils, eyebrow colors, etc.). Eyebrow shape according to face.
Eyeshadow Correction: Using eye shadow, diffusion techniques and making your eyes look more beautiful and shiny.
Liner technique with pencil, eye shadow and liquid liner. Glittering waves.
Lip shape: Correction, the specifics of bright and long-lasting lipsticks, their different application techniques to achieve the right result. Learning how to use a lip pencil.

Essential Professional di Roma and Royal Effem make up cosmetics are premium Italian class cosmetics and are comfortable to use because they look natural and last for hours.
Parisax make-up is a trendy and innovative quality cosmetic from France that lets your fantasy fly by and makes every woman's day more luxurious.
Royal Effem Beauty Club make-up artists and trainers have studied with the internationally renowned make-up artist Francesco Guerra and Luca Mannucci. They are constantly supplementing themselves in Poland, France and Italy.