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A make-up party for young girls is an ideal solution to celebrate a birthday, Valentine's Day, anniversary or just learn to make up with girlfriends. From an early age, most girls become interested in make-up, and a make-up party is ideal for young people to acquire the necessary skills and use make-up products properly.

At the make-up party, young people can try products and the professional teaches skills and gives recommendations that might be suitable for someone.

The make-up party is suitable for girls aged 7-20. The make-up instructor instructs the make-up artist on how to use the products, which products are suitable, enjoys make-up fashion and facial skin care. Depending on the age of the girls at the make-up party, a program has been developed according to the needs.

 All tools are provided by the trainer, we adhere to hygiene and safety requirements, we use only high-quality cosmetic brands.

Makeup party is useful, full of beauty, shine and joy. It is an entertaining event that will be remembered by girls for a long time to come.

Ideally, the number of children at a make-up party is up to 6-10, because then I can offer individual attention to each child.

The trainings take place in a professional training room, where you can also take beautiful photos to commemorate. We have been offering makeup training since 2011 and have long-term experience working with children.