Brand: La Casa de los Aromas
Product Code: 048075
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Reed Diffuser odor neutralization. Absorbs, neutralizing the odor molecule, eliminating it from the environment.
A collection specially designed for different spaces in the home, the original design of a round bottle with a wooden lid and pastel colors will be a great decoration for any home. 6 colored fiber sticks that allow the scent to spread better throughout the room.
Instructions for use
1. Remove the cover.
2. Place all of the rattan sticks and fan them out.
3. Wait a couple of hours until the sticks are saturated with aroma.
5. The intensity of the odor may vary depending on the number of sticks placed.
4. For a more intense scent, you can turn the sticks over.
Size: 8 x 8 x 24 cm 
Peach blossom
100 ml